Image of Thai Edible Bamboo Worms 100 grams

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Thai Edible Bamboo Worms 100 grams


Thai Edible Bamboo Worms - A chance to bamboozle with a great taste sensation!

If you were to blindfold a party guest, to test their gastronomic fear factor by trying some so-called bizarre foods, a mouthful of these sensational Thai Edible Bamboo Worms might just confuse them into thinking they were trying some corn puffs. Not for long though, as you whip their mask off, and tell them how healthy and nutritional the foodstuff they’ve just enjoyed truly is.

Others ways to make great use of these treats are as part of a taster menu, as a dip-your-hands-in bowl of goodies at a party or barbecue, or to add that little bit extra in both taste and texture to any dish you wish to prepare.

Our products are all farmed and packed in carefully selected hygienic and lab tested conditions in Thailand. Each is thoroughly dehydrated and seasoned with salt. They are crammed into truly generous 100g bags - priced at an amazingly low $45, including free worldwide shipping.

Ordering is so simple using PayPal for ease of payment, and you can even order in bulk and achieve generous discounts. Leaving those adorable pandas to enjoy the bamboo, we’ll stick with our truly tasty worms.