Image of Thai Edible Grasshoppers 100 grams

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Thai Edible Grasshoppers 100 grams


Thai Edible Grasshoppers - Never be caught on the hop!

Whether you are holding a party at home, or need supplies for a function or restaurant, these superbly tasty Thai Edible Grasshoppers jump out as a wonderful choice. Increasingly popular with folk holding a “Fear Factor” party (your own version of those bush tucker trials), as well as taster menus and funkily bizarre barbecue foods, these superb treats always fit the bill.

Direct from their home farm in Thailand, each edible insect is dehydrated, seasoned and hygienically packed, in laboratory standard and tested conditions, these are ready to eat as they are. Of course you can add your own flavour, or use with any recipe you are creating.

Supplied in bumper 100g bags, for the amazing price of just $45, offer free worldwide edible bug shipping, plus it’s so easy to pay using PayPal. Of course, discounts are available for all bulk orders.

Widely recognised as a healthy eating choice, these crunchily glorious grasshoppers certainly add bounce to any occasion...