Image of Thai Edible Giant Crickets 100 grams

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Thai Edible Giant Crickets 100 grams


Thai Edible Giant Crickets - Enjoy a whopping great mouthful!

Have you been to a fear factor party yet? It’s where friends are challenged to taste some bizarre foods. Here at we never go, simply because we reckon our edible insects and bugs are nutritional and healthy natural foods to be much enjoyed. Take these hugely tasty Thai Edible Giant Crickets for example. Carefully dehydrated and hygienically packed, slightly seasoned, and shipped direct from our carefully chosen insect farms in Thailand, they add both a stunning visual and memorable taste experience for any party, taster menu, barbecue, or dish you choose to cook.

These glorious giants are supplied in huge packs of 100g for just $45, and shipping anywhere in the world is free. You can use PayPal for ease of payment, and generous discounts are always offered for bulk orders. After a single bite, kids of all ages (including well above retirement) love these tasty and unique food treats. Try some today, and tell your friends how good these monsters are - but please don’t talk with your mouth full.